Jersey Shore PA 
Jersey Shore, PA is a community of about 4,400 residents on West Branch Susquehanna River. It is about 15 miles southwest of Williamsport in Lycoming County.


Col. John Henry Antes arrived here in 1772, and he built a home along the shore of what is today called Antes Creek. He built a grist mill and a fortified residence that became known as Fort Antes. It offered refuge to early settlers when attacked by Loyalists during the War for Independence.

Jersey Shore was originally called Waynesburg when it was platted in 1785. Those on the eastern side of the river began to call those on the western side "Jersey Shore," because one family had relocated from New Jersey.

Parks and Recreation

Ravensburg State Park is a 78-acre facility in the Jersey Shore area. It's nestled in a gorge carved into the side of Nippennose Mountain over the eons by Rauchtown Run. This is a favorite destination when the mountain laurel blooms in June, and when the autumnal foliage comes alive in October.

Lycoming County is actually the largest county in the state, and those that own real estate in Jersey Shore PA can enjoy many parks and state forest lands including the Pine Creek Rail Trail. Little Pine State Park is in a mountainous area of the Tiadaghton State Forest. Those that savor scenic and at times demanding hiking trails will relish the experience here. Anglers can try their luck in the lake and in the connecting stream as well. A sand beach is provided on a seasonal basis for swimmers and sunbathers. A volleyball court, playground and picnic pavilions are provided as well.

Attractions and Activities

Only minutes away in Williamsport is one of the most ideal performance venues on the East Coast. The Community Arts Center offers up to 2,100 patrons wonderful acoustics and exceptional amenities regardless of the nature of the performance.

Those that buy homes for sale in Jersey Shore PA can partake of wine tastings at a variety of wineries scattered across the county. River cruises on the Susquehanna provide another way to enjoy leisure time.


Jersey Shore residents can take in the Little League World Series in Williamsport. The August event pits the best baseball teams in the world composed of 11 and 12-year-old players.

Jersey Shore is a place where the prospective Jersey Shore PA home buyer can select from architectural gems from the beginning of the 20th century as well as modern, two-story Jersey Shore PA homes. Some of the homes for sale in Jersey Shore PA are rustic designs built in the surrounding hills. Your Jersey Shore PA real estate agent can describe the available Jersey Shore PA real estate in greater detail. Upscale country estates and well-maintained starter homes are among the Jersey Shore PA properties. A Jersey Shore PA realtor can match one's needs and wants to the Jersey Shore PA homes for sale.
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