Houses for Sale in Lewisburg, PA

Lewisburg, PA is just as rich in history as it is progressive. Its approximately 5,700 residents enjoy the scenic downtown and beautiful natural resources. Bucknell University’s campus in the town draws students and academics to the area, and prospective homeowners find much appeal, especially for families with school-aged children.

Great School District

One of the most prominent features of Lewisburg, PA is its outstanding school system. Homes for sale Lewisburg, PA are in the Lewisburg Area School District. This district has been recognized for excellence in the following:

  • Ranked 22nd out of 500 districts in Pennsylvania in 2016
  • Lewisburg Area High School received Silver Medal from US News & World Report in 2009
  • Donald H Eichhorn Middle School received Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence from US Department of Education in 2002 and 2017

Families looking for a town with excellent educational opportunities will find houses for sale Lewisburg, PA to be particularly appealing.

Enjoy Local Art and Outdoors

Education isn’t the only part of Lewisburg that draws homeowners. An active arts scene also sets the town apart and inspires the Lewisburg, PA Arts Festival every year. The celebration highlights local art in all of its forms—music, photography, painting, and performance. The festival’s interactive activities are great for families and visitors looking to get a taste of the local flavor and survey the thriving art scene. In addition to arts, residents enjoy outdoors attractions such as the Rails to Trails area. This hiking route follows the original track of the Lewisburg Centre & Spruce Creek Railroad.

Local Teaching Hospital

Many medical professionals look for real estate for sale Lewisburg PA because of the town’s local teaching hospital. Geisinger Medical Center is a general medical facility specializing in surgery and emergency care. In addition to treating patients, the hospital offers training to aspiring doctors. This makes it a great resource for local residents and medical professionals alike.

Homes for Sale in Lewisburg

All of these features are just a few of the reasons so many homeowners are drawn to the Lewisburg, PA area. Whether you’re seeking a place to pursue your medical career or looking for an area with a fantastic school district, securing the right real estate services in Lewisburg, PA is an essential step in finding your dream home. Trust Chris Wallace with TEU Real Estate Corporation, and reach out by calling (570) 220-2897 or contacting us online.

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