Loyalsock Twp
A quiet, friendly community located just minutes from Williamsport, Loyalsock offers a high quality of life at a very affordable price. Boasting pristine scenery all around and easy access to nearby forests and protected areas, Loyalsock enjoys a superb quality of life and is widely seen as a great place to raise a family, start a career or retire in peace. The community also offers a low cost of living, excellent schools provided by the Loyalsock Township School District and plenty of family-friendly appeal overall. For those seeking a quiet, livable and convenient place to live in the Williamsport metropolitan area, Loyalsock is just the right place to look.

Loyalsock Twp homes and other types of Loyalsock Twp real estate enjoy modest prices, low interest rates and stable property values overall. Loyalsock Twp homes for sale and other Loyalsock Twp properties include charming single-family homes with scenic views as well as starter homes, townhouses and other options to choose from. Homes for sale in Loyalsock Twp and other types of real estate in Loyalsock Twp make great choices for everyone from retirees, to singles, families, and Williamsport commuters seeking a place to live that’s affordable, convenient and safe.


The town was settled in 1768 and officially established in 1786. The community saw action in the Revolutionary War and later thrived on mining, logging, trading and industrial production throughout the 19th century. Today it offers one of the best places to live in Central Pennsylvania, boasting a great location, idyllic scenery and an outstanding quality of life overall.

Parks and Recreation

The Loyalsock area boasts a wealth of Parks, woodlands, trails, creeks, lakes and other places for recreation and leisure. The Loyalsock State Forest  is renowned for its picturesque scenery and wide array of trails and opportunities for boating, hunting, hiking, fishing, biking and camping. The scenic Loyalsock Trail also offers one of the top hiking experiences in the state.

Attractions and Activities

Local attractions include the Loyalsock Trail, the Loyalsock State Forest, the Loyalsock Creek and a bevy of shops and restaurants to discover. Nearby attractions also include the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum in South Williamsport and the beautiful Susquehanna State Park in Williamsport.


Local events include sports games, activities at public libraries throughout Lycoming County and the Little League World Series held every summer in nearby South Williamsport.

Loyalsock: A Friendly Town with Beautiful Views

Those looking into finally becoming a Loyalsock Twp home buyer should see Chris Wallace as soon as they can. With its prime location, exceptional quality of life and easygoing way of life, Loyalsock offers one of Central Pennsylvania’s best places to live overall.

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Chris Wallace
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