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Choosing Muncy PA real estate means living in one of the state's most charming boroughs. With a population of just under 3,000 people, real estate in Muncy PA is designed for the family seeking a quiet life in a warm community. A Muncy PA Realtor can help prospective homeowners explore this historic corner of north central Pennsylvania so they can settle into the home of their dreams.


European pioneers first sensed the importance of the land that Muncy occupies today in the 18th century . It was close to the Susquehanna River, and Native American tribes had made use of the area for centuries. Before long, the forests were being felled, with the land now being used for agriculture. Muncy grew slowly those first few decades. Nonetheless, the community boasted a strong timber industry and several distilleries were also located on the site. A canal on the Susquehanna was used for transporting goods until the arrival of the railroad, which caused further growth. The lifestyle of people who own Muncy PA homes has continued to flourish, with residents enjoying excellent schools and low crime rates.

Parks and Recreation

Those who choose Muncy PA homes for sale will have an opportunity to visit Heritage Park on a regular basis. The park and its trail system were created by the local historical society, and many family friendly events take place here. Lycoming County, where Muncy PA properties are located, boasts two beautiful state parks: Susquehanna State Park and Little Pine State Park, where people can enjoy picnics, fishing, swimming, boating and more.

Attractions and Activities

When purchasing Muncy PA homes for sale, new residents will find that although this is a quiet community, it is also a busy one. The Lycoming Mall provides excellent shopping, dining and entertainment alternatives for the Muncy PA home buyer. Shoppers looking for gorgeous, hard to find antiques will be delighted with The Olde Barn Centre. The best views of the Susquehanna can be had from the deck of the paddlewheel riverboat Hiawatha. To enjoy a variety of live performances, most people who have chosen homes for sale in Muncy PA visit the Community Arts Center in nearby Williamsport.


As any Muncy PA Real Estate Agent can attest, this borough is an active one. Plus, Muncy's closest neighbors seem to always have something on the calendar. In Muncy, most of the local events are coordinated by the historical society. Their festivities include quilt and antiques shows, art exhibitions and historic walking tours. Neighboring boroughs host events such as the Little League World Series and Mardi Gras celebrations.
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