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Thinking About Selling Your Home?

Deciding to sell a property is a huge decision and not one that most people make lightly. For this reason, the decision to sell is a huge relief for most homeowners, as it solidifies their decision to move forward in life. However, once that one major decision is made, those same homeowners find themselves faced with several other new dilemmas, the biggest of which is, should they sell independently, or should they work with an agent? While there are merits to both approaches, our team encourages sellers to employ the help of a seasoned real estate agent, as doing so can help them maximize their opportunities in any real estate market. If you plan on selling, contact our team today. 

The Benefits of Working With an Agent

When a seller comes to us and says, "I want to sell my home" we do far more than just post a listing on our website and slap a sign in his or her yard. We help him or her develop an effective marketing strategy designed to reach buyers where they are. From listing the home for sale on social media to posting advertisements in the local papers to submitting the listing to realtor pages, we employ both tried and true tactics and creative approaches to reach potential buyers in all corners of the market. Some marketing strategies we routinely have success with include the following:

  •       Target life events such as engagement, marriage and pregnancy announcements on social media
  •       Utilize creative and emotion-invoking copywriters to create compelling descriptions
  •       Retarget web-viewers with emotional ad copy and property images
  •       Host prospects during a day out on the town
  •       Sell the neighborhood as well as the property
  •      Take video footage of the space

In addition to putting our resources to work for you during the actually selling process, we also assist with all the legalities and paperwork. When a potential buyer does crop up, we will be ready with the necessary paperwork and resources to finalize the sale as quickly and cost effectively as possible. 

Resources You Can't Find Elsewhere

Perhaps the number one reason to work with an experienced real estate agent is the resources. We are experts in the local market and can guide you from listing to sale in as seamless a manner as possible. If you want to better understand the selling process, check out our free online resources, which include the following:

  •         Answers to FAQs
  •         Negotiating
  •         Pricing the House To Sell
  •         Appraisals & Market Value
  •         Seller Financing
  •          Selling at a Loss
  •         Shore Sales

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